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An interesting option for anyone who likes 3D graphics and adventure games
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‘Martial Empires’ is a complex adventure and fighting game with 3D graphics that can captivate any gamer. If you are a beginner, this game might feel a little bit too complex, but after you enter the action and find out some tips about its rules, then you can manage to play without too much effort. You can use the forum of the game in order to find out more about the options you have and what can you do to improve your warrior capabilities and the chances to win in player versus player or player versus environment confrontations.

Before downloading and installing the game on your PC, you have to set up an account on the developer website, where you will be asked for a user name and a password. The installing process might take some time but the game deserves the credit. Once installed, you can start your adventure in this world of fantasy with warriors, weapons, fights and monsters.

To connect to the server you have to type again your user name and password. The complex menu of the game is not quite easy to understand at a first look, although if you follow the given clues and the arrows on the screen you might easily complete the tasks. You can choose from three classes of warriors and name yours as you like. Each hero has its own abilities and it can use a certain weapon during battle. You can also use an option to set up the physical appearance of your warrior: the hair and the eye color, the color of its clothes and so on.

You can easily change keyboard settings in order to easily conduct your hero in a fight. After each completed quest, you receive a reward. You are allowed to choose the type of the reward depending on your hero needs (shield, weapons, etc.).

What really impresses the player is the setting and the 3D visual effects. The soundtrack is also great. As a bonus, you can also combine weapons, and so your warrior will gain new abilities and power during battles. Another plus of this game is that you can form guilds, together with your friends or other players, and so gain power and participate in guilds warfare.

Briefly, Marial Empire is a complex and entertaining game that will keep you in front of your computer for hours.

Gaby Colette
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  • You can form guilds
  • You can combine weapons
  • Impressive 3D visual effects


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